For the lazy folks: I don’t want a story, just give me the code.

I wanted to write a very quick article/rant because I was frustrated with what I found when trying to programmatically get the latest version of an npm pacakge. A very popular solution is the latest-version package on npm, which has nearly 3 million weekly downloads. Upon initial inspection it sure looks super, but is it really?

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I love the look of gold-engraved leather. You see it all the time on portfolios, diplomas, etc., and I think the reason is because it really does have a universal appeal. However, you don’t see it so often on the web. Perhaps it just doesn’t fit with the flat style that dominates the internet. Or maybe (most likely) it’s because the effect cannot easily be pulled off in CSS.

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Hello to whoever is reading this! After many years of learning benefiting from the online writing of others, I have finally decided to start my own blog. I do this both to give back to the community that helped me learn and grow as a software engineer, and to give myself a platform to share my thoughts and experiences.

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